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Happy Father'zzzzz Day!

The weekend ended up being much busier than I anticipated. My plan for Saturday was to just swing by the Everett Makers Market Block Party, mostly just to make an appearance. I've made friends with the woman who sold me my first air plant and she ran the event, so even though I wasn't really looking for anything, I wanted to support the event.

Our friend Melissa asked if we were doing lunch or brunch, and I said no, but that she should meet up with me at the block party and we could at least grab a couple of drinks. The gay bar (we only have one here!) was supposed to be open early as part of the block party, but rather than opening at noon with the party, they opened at 3pm. Rather than check out the vendors right away, we went over to Soundview Tavern, which is a dive bar I like around the corner. It was only just after noon and the place was already quite packed! There was exactly one table with nobody at it, all the way in back.

It was when we settled in there that Garrett changed his mind about coming out, so he grabbed an Uber and joined us. We had lunch there, including an order of deep fried gizzards as an appetizer! I finally learned the name of the dog who is usually there, Sophie.


There wasn't a huge crowd at the block party when we went through, but it lasted all day so hopefully there was a pretty good turnout. We checked out all the vendors and picked up a few goodies. I got a handmade cat toy for the boys. And I finally got a chance to check out the natural foods co-op, which was not only a sponsor of the event, but housed several of the vendors inside the building. Lots of neat stuff there.

We'd killed enough time that it was finally 3pm, and Bar Myx was finally open. They brought in a really fun band for the event and we stayed for both sets that they played. Every song they did was a classic and a lot of them are the ones I do when I sing karaoke.


Melissa wanted to do shots and now I have a new rule: no shots, ever. We both felt terrible all day afterward. Sunday is normally my time for a great walk, but instead I just walked back downtown to get my car.


Up until time to leave to see Bev and Dennis, we were just hiding from the sun downstairs. Steve had other plans, of course.


We picked up Olive Garden on the way over. Getting takeout from there is so much better than eating at the actual restaurant, because you the salad is packed completely separate and you can save that for the next day.

*mouthing* YAS QUEEN

Obligatory Bella photo.

Hi Bella

Thankfully Bev and Dennis were also pretty tired from going to a wedding the day before, so we all just relaxed in the living room after we ate instead of the usual card or board game.


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