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Monday bun-day

It'd been a while since I went to the Lowell Riverfront Trail, so I decided I'd head down today. It occurred to me that I currently only have six places in the regular rotation and I should probably find some new ones, so perhaps this afternoon I should spend some time looking around on the map. I'm pretty fortunate to have as many great ones as I do. But it never hurts to have more.

Lowell's certainly a lovely option. It's pretty close to here, so it's fast. It's flat and easy, and the paved path means the mosquitoes aren't too terrible. As long as you stay on it. That was pretty important today because I forgot to put on any repellent. I didn't get any photos or videos of them today, but there were so many rabbits. Perhaps as many as I've ever seen in a day.

There wasn't really a sunrise to see because it was nice and cloudy out, but it was interesting to see it trying to burn through.


I take a version of this shot pretty much every time I come here. I should animate them together at some point.


I'm still baffled by how little progress I can see at the residential construction area near there. The only development I really see now is that the hill of dirt surrounding the site has been taken down and you can just see more of the lack of progress.


A trend I've noticed in recent years is people putting lost objects higher up, presumably to be easier for someone looking for it to see. It doesn't really make sense to me since if I'm looking for something I lost, my eyes are on the ground, but whatever. This is the weirdest example I've seen so far. Obviously it took a little effort.


I think today was the first time I ever saw Mt. Baker from down there. Really delightful.


There were three huge piles of of railroad ties near the bridge. Wonder what that's about.


Today's awesome walk, 3.39 miles in 1:12, 7,709 steps
3.39 miles in 1:12, 7,709 steps

Back at home, I finally decided to hang this up. It's been framed for a while now, just not on the wall. Garrett suggested a spot for it a while back and today I looked there and thought, hm, there's already a nail there, I'll just do it.

Decor update


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