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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Also new in the shop
EDIT: This one's been claimed by my niece!

My first air plant sale was this fun little "palm tree" with marbles for coconuts.


It was snatched up about ten minutes after I listed it, so of course I've kept my eye out for something similar. I finally found a shorter, stubbier one that's also pretty cute.


Mostly I'm mentioning it because today's swim was good but uneventful, and we've got plans later that I won't end up talking about until tomorrow. For now, I'm just waiting for noon to roll around, at which point the litter box closet will get a deep clean, and I'll have another shower before lunch because that's a nasty job.

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Now I wish I had one of those big martini glasses. That would be a hoot to put a plant in at work.

We have a couple of those giant martini glasses, right now the one upstairs has bananas and the one downstairs usually has bags of chips. I love 'em.

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