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Beautiful birds with nice buns

A few weeks ago at Naughty Bingo, I asked the host if she'd like me to recreate the game sheet, which was a copy of a copy of a copy and in pretty bad shape. She said yes, and agreed with me that we should also come up with some new boards. Her only specific request was that I create a butthole game.

Being the me that I am, I got to work immediately and was finished within a couple of days. She loved the photo I sent of my screen, but then I never heard back after sending over the spreadsheet. So yesterday, I decided to take a printout to a copy shop, get 100 made, and bring them along in case she never printed it out. Turns out her husband was hosting because she wanted the summer off, so that accounts for why I hadn't heard back. He was very happy to see the new sheets and we had a great time, with my niece and sister-in-law in tow.

Naughty bingo, and I made the sheet!

Bingo happens fast and I didn’t have time to say much when I shared this photo out originally in the normal places, so I wanted to take a moment to mention what I did and didn’t do.
1) The original sheet was the first three columns and four rows, 12 games total, I created the right hand column and bottom row
2) I didn’t understand the original versions of “him” and “her” at all, so I changed them to look like the ♂ and ♀
3) VAJINA used to be as wide as NONE4U and I made it narrower
4) The only thing asked of me was to create a butthole and I think I did a pretty decent job, all things considered.
5) Thanks, George Carlin, for explaining to me at a tender young age that a 71 is a 69 with two fingers in the ass.

It was pretty late by the time Katie and Maria headed out, so I went straight to bed, and tried an experiment. I've been sleeping on my sides for years, which always leads to sorness and flipping over, and the CPAP hose added to the mix makes it slightly complicated for my tired brain. Sleeping on my back has been out of the question all these years, because I'd choke myself awake almost immediately. Since I haven't been snoring lately, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I slept the first chunk of the night pretty well on my back, long enough that I woke up still that way and kinda sore. Not surprising since I never lay that way long. So I tried again for the last part of the night, with different results. That time my mouth kept falling open, which is a little jarring when you've got a CPAP with a nasal pillow. I'll keep trying, it was neat to sleep on my back for the first time in my adult life.

Wednesday morning is beach time and it was lovely.

I had a very nice morning and took tons of photos, lots more than I'll include here. You know where to find them. Whatever sunrise there was, I caught the tail end of it. It's hard to get my first cup of coffee down early enough to catch it fully this time of year.


Neat old signage.


Graffiti that won't be around long.


I really loved the way the sun was bursting through for a while and hoped if I got 96 seconds of video, it'd look interesting in a time lapse, 6 seconds at 16x speed. I got three videos and processed one, but wasn't particularly impressed with the results, so I gave up.

Speaking of time lapse, I'd like to do a lot more of it, but not with my phone. My camera doesn't have a time lapse mode, but I found a firmware hack to add to it that adds time lapse and several other enhancements. I was able to install it, but unfortunately it's launched via the Print button, which this particular camera doesn't have. I wonder if my last camera's still around somewhere...

Anyway, here's the sun bursting through. It was pretty intense for a while.


And a panorama, which are always a little weird when water is involved.


Another example of junk and wild plants looking cool enough that people would probably pay a lot for it.


Two ferries, two of many bunnies I saw, a seagull, a heron who stole his spot, and an osprey!


And the moon!


Today's awesome walk, 3.76 miles in 1:31, 9,272 steps
3.76 miles in 1:31, 9,272 steps

Even though I wasn't as early as I wanted to be, I managed to get home early enough to make Garrett's lunch before he left, so that was a win. I usually pack it the night before, but forgot because of bingo.

Yesterday I gave two air plants to my sister-in-law for her birthday and one to my niece Katie to take to my other niece, her sister Tiffany. She's staying at her place in town this week. Katie thought it was funny because when I gave her one, she left it at Tiffany's, and Tiffany had to bring it to her when she visited her in Spokane. Long story short, I got rid of three more plants, which is good even if it wasn't to paying customers. And I'm still, five days later, waiting to hear from that customer who chose the "buyer selects" option on that last sale. Weird.

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