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One photo I meant to include in that last post is this one, of what I thought at the time was the Hat Island Ferry.


But now that I'm here on the computer, it doesn't look like a ferry at all, so I did a little search, and it turns out it can't be, because that ferry doesn't even leave for its first trip to the mainland each day until 10am, and only runs four days a week! That's insane. I understood that the island was mostly people who are rather well-off, but I didn't realize they also had such an employment-unfriendly schedule.

The ferry is also passenger-only, and I've read on their site that cars on the island don't even have to be registered since it's a private island. But how would they even get gas, or service if it broke down? I have so many questions.

The Hat Island site lists several available vacation rentals and a designated apartment that can be rented, and I'd like to see it sometime, but it also sounds like a complete pain. There aren't even any stores and it doesn't mention if non-members can eat at the yacht club, or if there's even food there.

What strange lives they must lead. I'd love to see a documentary.

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