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Fine, I'll move

After Tuesday's swim I decided it was finally time to start using a new bathing suit. Luckily when it originally came, I liked it so much that I ordered the remaining available stock in my size, which was two more. They've been waiting in a closest since then, save for a trip over to my inlaws' place when Garrett's mom was nice enough to add some seams for me so the waistband elastic can't flip around inside the fabric. It's really weird that it's one continuous piece all the way around with no seams, but it wasn't weird enough to stop me from getting more of them.

The difference between the old one and the new one was pretty dramatic. Of course the change was gradual, so I didn't notice it, but the fabric really did get a lot softer and looser. One thing I could see quite plainly even without the comparison was how much some parts faded. The inside of the waistband managed to stay pretty dark, but the outside bleached out a lot.

Old swimsuit, New swimsuit

I paid $15 for each of these and got 52 swims out of the first one. 29 cents per swim, not bad!

The lesson I learned today was to get my music situated before getting in the water. I turned on the iPod and couldn't hear anything, and fumbled with it for a few minutes. The headphone jack wasn't quite all the way in even though it felt pretty solid. In all that fumbling, I lost an earbud tip. That makes two lost, and they're probably both at the bottom of the deep end. My natural tendency to float and to be able to tread water for a long time worked against me today, as I couldn't dive anywhere near the bottom. So, another day with just one earbud.

Things were going nice until that swim team or whatever they are showed up. Aside from them in the deep end, it was me and one other guy, and while they gave him a little space all along the edge of the pool, the swimmers on my end couldn't be arsed to even give me a little corner. Swimming back and forth is the third phase of their routine. First, they went in a circle, much bigger than it needed to be and right up next to me. Then they all kicked and then bobbed up and down, making the water super choppy and sending a splash right up into my nostrils. But when they swam up to me and didn't share well, I decided I was just done for the day. 45 minutes instead of an hour. I asked the lifeguards if they know their schedule, and they said they're there Thursdays and some Tuesdays. Looks like I'll avoid those days for a while.

Someone who didn't mind the team so much was Zoey, the swim center cat. Here she is saying hi as I entered the building.

Zoey the swim center cat had an adventure this morning. Grooming on a diving board followed by climbing a scissor lift!

She had a nice time grooming herself on a diving board, then she went and met a few of the swim team girls while they were hanging out before they got in the pool. There was a scissor lift next to the pool, presumably used for changing light bulbs, and Zoey made her way up that and even stretched as if to reach the controls. Very cute.

Now I'm just waiting for lunch to roll around. I'm on a quest to try every chirashi bowl in the region and today I'll be meeting a friend in Mill Creek, my furthest one from home yet. If you haven't heard of it, chirashi is just sushi in bowl form. A layer of sushi rice with a bunch of fish and other lovely things artfully arranged on top. Always delightful.

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