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There's a first time for everything
Now that the water main work is done at Japanese Gulch, it's time to park at the bottom, hike up one way, and back down another, as much as possible while the mornings are so bright. As long as it doesn't rain too much, this is the perfect time for it. So today I headed down there for a hike up the East side and back down the center.

It's really just perfect there right now. So green and lush.


Almost as soon as I got into the trails, I saw something moving up ahead. I can't be sure because I wasn't close enough, but I'm pretty sure it was an orange cat. I'm sure several neighborhood cats like to pop in, and I was pretty close to some houses, so it makes sense.

Going up the side is pretty neat because you climb pretty fast. The hike up the center is challenging enough as it is, so it's cool when you look over and see the center far below.


I happened to pick the trail that has the best view of the water, too.


Up at the top, the view across is starting to change a bit. Some of the trees closer in are getting taller and I imagine eventually you won't be able to see across. Of course I walked right past the normal photo spot and didn't go quite as far back to there to take the photo, so maybe I'm totally wrong.


Someone's strange little project.


My timing was really great today. Some of the trails were a little damp, but there was no mud to speak of.


But then it started raining. Quite a bit! It felt great and I was already getting close to the center, so I didn't have to worry about mud at all.


Today's awesome walk, 3.75 miles in 1:51, 10,491 steps, 433ft gain
3.75 miles in 1:51, 10,491 steps, 433ft gain

Not my fastest time by any means, but it was a good climb and I had fun stopping to put stuff on Snapchat. It's funny, I left the rain droplets on the windshield in the big spot that blocks the camera intentionally because I think it looks cool, but if I actually needed the dashcam video for some reason, the rain would probably ruin it.