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My walk today was a little sad. As I was driving into Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island, I saw a cat sitting on the edge of the road. Unlike the cat I saw Friday in Japanese Gulch, there's just no way it was a neighborhood cat. There's no neighborhood out there, at all. And it's really far away from everything, and it's an island you access by the freeway. What is out there is the Everett Animal Shelter, and I'm sure someone just dumped the poor thing. If that's the case, it'd wandered a bit. There's not even a shoulder so it sat at the edge.

On top of that, my iPod wouldn't start. It'd been on the charger, so I know the battery wasn't the issue. Without the music to distract me, I thought about the cat constantly, but tried to enjoy the morning as best I could.

In spite of some fog I'd spotted on the way in, the sky was completely clear, so I figured the best sunrise shot I could hope to get was right when it came up over the mountains.


The water today was lower than I've ever seen it, so I grabbed some photos of the bird watching areas to send to my friend who likes doing that. She said she'd head out there today.


Invasive, but pretty.


I fought my way through thorny vines on the hunting trail, and even got caught ducking under one.


But it was just too overgrown and I had to turn back.


Fog off in the distance.


As I mentioned, the water was really low.


I got to watch a heron defend its spot on a tall tree for a bit, and even managed to get video of it taking off!

There were a couple of barges and tugboats in the water, which I've never seen before. I think there might be a cleanup project near there, it looked like a portable conveyor belt led up to the barge.


Today's awesome walk, 4.87 miles in 2:03, 12,316 steps
4.87 miles in 2:03, 12,316 steps

The cat was practically in the same spot as I drove out, so I stopped the car to try to say hi. Not sure what I hoped to accomplish since I didn't have a carrier and it was a few hours until the shelter opened anyway. It didn't want to visit and walked away when I approached, so I left. I really hope someone who works at the shelter found it on their way to work today.


Used a different route home just for a change of scenery. You can see the cat at the beginning of the video.

Later on I met my nieces Katie and Tiffany, plus Tiffany's son Raiden for breakfast. That was fun.


I also spotted a sign for a vintage sale, so I popped into that on the way home. Found a cool old American Airlines framed photo for Garrett, and these amazing teacups.

$2 each!


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