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When alternate universes are mundane

Recently Sam decided the foot of my bed's the best place to sleep. Not sure what that's about. Maybe he likes the sound of the CPAP or something. Knowing he'd be around at some point, I've been using a doorstop to keep my door open about eight inches. It was really hot yesterday, though, so our bedrooms had closed up with the windows closed and the AC on. The boys were still working on their dinner when I went to bed, so I kept the door closed. Sure enough, I heard scratching pretty soon; Sam and Steve were both waiting to come in.

I get too warm if I just slip into a bed the way it's made. This time of year, I usually keep the sheet pulled all the way up, then have a blanket maybe halfway up or just on my feet if I get really warm. That leaves a drape of blanket at the end of the bed, along with a pile, and that's Steve's new favorite place. Not sure how many nights since Sam moved in that he's been there, but he was there last night.


In order to avoid the bum rush of that swim team that's been at the pool on Thursdays, I decided I'd go today and Wednesday. It was a little odd walking in there today. The lifeguard who punched my card was one I'd never seen before, and so was the one watching the pool. That scissor lift that was there last time had obviously been put to use, as all the lights were really, really bright. The view out the windows was partially blocked along the South wall by Wibit equipment, which I've never seen inflated before. Lots of swimmers I didn't recognize, hanging out in groups with ones I did. And I noticed partway through my swim that about half the lockers that have been piled up everywhere were gone, so apparently the women's lockers have been replaced.

Today was also the start of the Summer session, and toward the end of my swim, a lot of kids started showing up with their parents in tow. Turns out there's a youth summer swim league, Monday-Thursday at 7:30. They called roll near the lanes while I was in the sauna and the lanes is where they stayed, so maybe even if our times overlap, we won't get in each other's way.


Garrett worked from home today and we went out for lunch together, which was a nice treat. There's a Mexican place in the neighborhood that opened where a Chinese place had been, about a year ago. Recently they added a lunch buffet, so we wanted to check it out. Garrett ordered that and I ordered off the menu. It was all pretty good, but the margaritas were expensive and pretty weak. So at least we know it's a good neighborhood option for food if not drinks. Good intel.

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