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Down with iTunes

When my used iPod Touch that I got on eBay died after 5.5 years of service, I knew I wouldn't be replacing it with another iPod. They're just too expensive. I'd need at least the 64gb model and those retail at $299. It really doesn't make any sense for me to buy one because I don't use any of the other features. The only thing I'll miss is the option to use earbuds with controls on the cord. I love being able to pause, skip, skip back, and change volume without taking it out of my pocket. But by giving up that option, I was able to buy this player for $25 and a 64gb memory card to go with it for another $19. That's a savings of roughly 85%!

Tiny, cheap new mp3 player to replace my dead iPod Touch.

It's weird, I saw a slightly older model of the same player reviewed on BoingBoing and then my iPod died within a few days. Hmmm. So, tomorrow will be my first walk with it. It's a little tricky to lock and unlock it, so I hope I can leave it in my pocket unlocked for easy skipping without bumping other controls. Or I might get used to skipping less.

The reason I decided to quit using iTunes is that I was changing out music on the waterproof iPod and accidentally told it to delete our music collection off our server. Again. Garrett asked me to find an alternative because we've both done it twice. CopyTransManager, which we tried to switch to unsuccessfully a few years ago, works! I don't even need anything like that for the new player, you just transfer files to it or to the memory card and they play, which is so much better. I'll still have iTunes on my work computer for podcasts, but I'm glad it doesn't have a way to delete our library.

And don't worry about that library, Garrett's an IT manager and it gets backed up once a day.

While CopyTransManager works, you do have to use it properly, and I discovered when I got to the pool this morning that I hadn't. I forgot to apply the changes after putting a Lip Locked episode on, so when I hit Play, a robot voice said, "Use iTunes to add music." Well, no thank you. But I'll add music. So that made for a dull swim. Three songs fought for the honor of being the one stuck in my head: the one I heard right before getting out of the car (which I've since forgotten!), the one I wished I was hearing, and the one someone's tweet a while back made me think of.

Oh, Zoey was chilling outside when I got there. She got tired of our photo shoot and headed toward the trail next to the pool. She's got a pretty sweet setup over there.

Zoey, the swim center cat

It was a surprising swim today because some of the older regulars had kids with them! I always figured the 6am swim would never have any kids, even during the summer, because they just wouldn't want to get up that early. My theory was that they were staying with their grandparents who are always there and had no say in the matter.


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