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A great morning and a new favorite

My Wednesdays at the beach now happen on Thursdays, and today was awesome. Great cloud cover, perfect temperature, just wonderful.



Those two photos above are panoramas with the phone held vertically. Not a drastic change in shape from a regular photo, but definitely a much wider field of version. The inconsistencies in the water and the curves in the concrete give them away.

Lots of neat plants today. I mean, they're always there, but certain ones jumped out at me.


There was a heron there today that I had several encounters with. First I noticed too late that he was pretty close to me down below, and he flew away before I could get the phone out. He relaxed for a while over by the graffiti wall where the dock used to be.


I caught up with him later, further back down the beach.


I find the lettering job on these cars intensely satisfying. You know whoever was in charge of that was so happy that it worked out that way.


Today's awesome walk, 4.56 miles in 1:37, 10,383 steps
4.56 miles in 1:37, 10,383 steps

I had such a great time this morning, I would have done twice as much if I didn't have stuff I needed to get done this morning for work. It was another morning that I figured was worthy of a Snapchat export, and I decided to leave my full 24 hours in it, so it starts yesterday with some stuff around the house.

Once in a while when I'm on a walk, a song really grabs me and I repeat it until the walk's over. Today I was listening to that Information Society compilation of old and unreleased stuff, and one track really jumped out. The lyrics are terrible, but the music is just about perfect.

It's like a really jamming version of "Warm Leatherette" that you could dance to. And I had a hard time not dancing to it while I walked. I was definitely walking really fast and swinging my arms more than I usually do. It's worth mentioning that that's a version from 2007, and there's another on the compilation from 1982 that's very different.

While I was out on the walk, our music library was transferring to a microSD card so I could play it on that new mp3 player. (The InSoc stuff was on the player's internal storage, which is 8gb). It's amazing to think all the music we own can fit on something the size of a smashed pea.


Unfortunately, it turns out that player can only process 4,000 songs, and we have about 17,000. So, it's a cool player, but I've already got another one on the way. Same size, capacity, and features, but they make the claim that it can play "64gb/an additional 16,000 songs." So, we'll see how it handles the microSD when it arrives on Tuesday. I may offer the black one as a prize during our July 4th bbq. I'm putting out tons of prizes in the hope that nobody will claim the Battlefield Earth action figure I found and now regret announcing as a prize.

A prize I picked up for our July 4th croquet tournament.


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