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"Let's make a burrito!"

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A day of discovery
I went down for what I thought would be a pretty typical morning at the river and am happy to report that there was a nice sunrise and that I got down there in time to see it.



Obligatory bunny video.

There was nobody at the construction site and I figured I might walk all the way past it to the road, up to the next one above, so I could get a good view of it. But then I saw this sign.


Another half mile of trail? What? It turns out that I saw it on the map just over a year ago, tried to find it by crossing a field, but ended up at a fence and gave up. I could see a bunch of heavy equipment on the other side of a fence, so I figured it was a driveway for a business instead of a trail. Wrong! New trail to explore!


It's not as scenic as the rest of it because it's not by the water, but it's such a great discovery. I've always wished I could walk about a mile further when I'm down there without doing loops on the gravel trails or covering the same ground on the paved one. This made my day.

Today's awesome walk, 4.79 miles in 1:43, 10,928 steps
4.79 miles in 1:43, 10,928 steps

This also cleared up something for me. The developer put up a fence for a while at point A or maybe about 100 feet East of it, and people complained because he'd blocked part of the trail. I thought it ended at point A, so I wondered why they cared if they lost 100 feet of trail. Now I realize it's because they lost a half mile.

There's also a gravel area that runs parallel to that section of trail, branching off at point B. I explored a little bit of it, but there was lots of evidence of camping, and then I saw what looked like a campsite up ahead. It was creepy.


Got another selfie for the Honey Bucket contest.


After I got home and showered, I went to WinCo and decided I'd go there less often, but buy more stuff when I'm there. It's farther away and they don't take credit cards, so it makes sense to stock up. A dozen bagels, three boxes of wine, a big bag of smaller bags of chips. You get the idea. I had to use a cart, which I rarely do and am terrible at.

On Fridays I clean my CPAP and bathe the air plants. I lost a few this week, but also got a shipment of a dozen funkianas, one of which had a flower! I've found funkianas to be the hardest to keep alive, which is weird, since their leaves don't form a cup so there's nowhere for water to gather and make the plant rot.

The weekly bath. This is everything but the new funkianas.
One of my new funkianas has a flower!

Today was also a great day at work. My role's becoming more important and visible and I'm getting good feedback about the stuff I'm doing, which is pretty neat.

Pretty much the only bad thing is that I fell asleep without my CPAP last night and didn't end up putting it on until 1am, three hours before I got up. I felt terrible for much of today, which goes to show how well it's working. I can't believe that was such a normal feeling for so long.

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A good stuff post!

Thanks for the tip about giving the air plants a weekly bath. Mine are looking really healthy as a result.

Did you receive different care instructions from any of your suppliers? I've seen a couple recommend mistings but almost all of them call for a soak.

I've only bought from one supplier and they pretty much only suggested misting regularly and 'occasional' baths but I've found a regular weekly bath much better. The misting is a bit hit and miss to be honest - you have more control with the weekly dunk.

I got some once-monthly fertilizer crystals to add to the water, by the way. It may be a coincidence but I've had several plants die in the weeks since then. I'll try a second time on July 8th but I'm kind of scared to. :)

I have some ready made fertiliser spray which has helped encourage flowers. Ive been using it every two weeks. I've read that orchid fertiliser at half strength is also good.

Good luck!!

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