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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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No walk this morning because yesterday was exhausting. Spent about five hours doing housework to get ready for our July 4th party, then Bev and Dennis came over with dinner. We ate in the basement because it's nice and cool down here, and I'm grateful to have that option. After that, we headed up to the Tulalip Casino's amphitheater to see Diana Ross!

My family is super cute.

Early in the morning, before Garrett got up, I decided to try 360-degree photography for the first time. The Google Street View app does it so you can contribute views to their system, but there's also a Private tab. Geo-tagging is defaulted as on, FYI. It's a somewhat tedious process as you have to take 53 photos for it to stitch together. The hardest part is keeping your feet out of the very bottom shot. The back yard came out great. (You can view these properly, in all directions, over at flickr.)

Our back yard

It had a little trouble with the front, which is way more complex. The lowest layer got turned a bit and the whole thing is very Escheresque.

Front yard. Somewhat Escheresque.

Sam, looking incredibly regal.


Check out this air plant that came in the mail yesterday!

New plant just arrived!

Managed to get another entry for the Honey Bucket Selfie contest.

Seeing Diana Ross at #Tulalip Amphitheatre! #honeybucketselfie

The concert was pretty neat. I saw several old friends and managed to avoid talking to one who annoys me. Strangely enough, Dennis thought he recognized him and went over and said hi. Haha. Rhonda Ross (Diana's Daughter) opened, then Miss Ross herself came out and put on a great show. This is my favorite of her five outfits.

A vision in orange

I took a few videos but this one's my favorite.

I wasn't really tired when we got home, so I didn't end up in bed until maybe 11:30 or so. Very late for me. I turned off my alarm and didn't wake up until after 6:00am. It was already really bright out and I was sore, so I just stayed in. Right now I'm taking a quick break from even more housework so I could get this post done, gotta get back to it. I'm very excited about our croquet tournament tomorrow, even if the turnout isn't looking great so far. I'll get a picture tomorrow of all the prizes once I can get them laid out on the dining room table after the cats are sequestered for the day.

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Those Google photos are really clever.

Diana Ross!!! Wow!!

Diana Ross is so great...her voice still sounds pretty amazing? It was hard to tell from your short videos, but she seemed as good as ever.

She not only still sounds amazing, but sang and danced so much that my inlaws who are her age were...kinda mad.

Ha. She and Debbie Harry make being 70+ look so easy!

Probably if you don't smoke a pack a day from age 18-68 it's cool.

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