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Not the best timing

The first day back at work after the three-day weekend was also the first day in a new busy period at work. Not only the regular monthly stuff, but a new site template project as well. Thankfully I was able to get a lot of testing done without needing a demo and managed to get to a natural stopping point, then do a first draft of the template before our demo call. That call answered the questions I had about the other items to test, so tomorrow I can finish my tests and do my first round of work getting the template in the system. Being tired and sore from the weekend kind of worked in my favor today. I decided to stay in and power through it, and the sleepiness and lack of desire to leave the house got me in a very efficient mode.

I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of the prize table for the croquet party yesterday. It happened because with about half an hour to go, I remembered a bunch of cheap decorations I bought at the dollar store, and ran around the house putting them up. Dollar store decorations are so great because they're cheesy and cheap, just like me. And since they cost almost nothing, there's no reason to try to carefully put them away for the next year. The only exception I make is a letter banner which originally read UNITED WE STAND. I bought it last year and rearranged the letters so it reads DIETS UNWANTED, and it decorates the table where the guests' food goes.

Since I don't have the photo, here's a list of the prizes from memory:
- 8GB mp3 player with microSD slot
- The Ocean coloring book by Mike Fleming (who ended up winning the mp3 player!)
- A kite shaped like a turtle
- A plastic wine glass that comes apart for compact storage, packed with a pour spout and stopper, and a corkscrew
- Slippery nipple recipe shot glass and slow screw recipe shot glass, packed with a shot pouring spout
- Pie pan with pie sealer (plastic hinge that rests against the cut edges of pies so they don't try out)
- Battlefield Earth action figure (I won it!)
- Naughty cowboy planter with an air plant coming out of his pants instead of a cactus
- Majestic white horse candle holder with an air plant in it instead
- Dolphin tea light holder with an air plant in it instead

And the grand prize, a Tommy Trout!

What a surprise that nobody wanted it! The shot glass set and the dolphin air plant also went unclaimed. Oh, and for the second year in a row, I put out a duck tissue box cover and nobody took it. Third time's the charm?

Gotta give credit where it's due, Garrett's croquet course was great. One wicket was taped to the side of a container of water which acted as a moat, and you had to launch the ball through it off a ramp. The final wicket was reached via a ramp and tube that connected the higher part of the yard to the lower part. And this year, the course also took everyone to the front yard and back. Really fun.

I made an awesome breakfast today using party leftovers.


This is an onion bagel with our friend Drew's salmon cream cheese spread, chopped onions from the hot dog bar, capers, and tomato. There were two halves, but my phone's operating system updated, and I ate the first half by the time I could use my phone again.

Lunch was equally great. Our friend Josephine's amazing Asian noodles and Lisa's delicious Greek salad. Not things you'd normally eat together, but perfectly fine with you don't want to throw any of it away.

I managed to clean the yard up today but had to stop short of getting everything put away due to back pain, so when I was done with that I did Adriene's 20-minute Yoga for Your Back video, and will probably be doing it pretty regularly in the upcoming weeks. There was just way too much standing around at the party and I always pay the price when I do that.

The neighborhood cats stayed completely out of sight yesterday, so it was nice to stalk Jermaine a few minutes ago.


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