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Walk walk walk

Super busy day but it was worth it to get out for a walk and do some work in the afternoon because I got to see this.



I saw kayakers there for the first time. It was a little weird that they were there and the gate was open, because it's never been open that early. I wonder if one of them had a key.


Driftwood for kazzy_cee.


I'd caught the tail end of the sunset and this was one of the only times the sun broke through.


Potential future profile photo.

Come here often?

I saw a seal!

Also, lots of bunnies, but this is the one I got closest too. For suxdonut

Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.12 miles in 1:35, 9,825 steps
4.12 miles in 1:35, 9,825 steps

Garrett was at the Arlington Fly-in all day yesterday, so I ended up at Steak Night at our neighborhood bar. I brought home half the steak and all but a couple of bites of the potato for today's lunch. All this was $12.99.

$12.99 ribeye dinner


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