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You may recall I got my first air plant from a local business called Vertical Gardens Northwest. In the months since then, I've made friends with the owner Kristen and started to really want her main product, the vertical self-watering planter. The design is great. Each unit has its own reservoir as well as a channel to allow overflow water to fill any units installed below. Cotton wicks draw water out of the reservoir into the area that holds this soil, which can also be watered manually, and has drainage holes which drip to the ones below. You can see projects on the site where entire walls are covered with plants using these, but a set of four or eight looks great on an interior wall or even a deck railing or office cube.

Kristen's in charge of the Everett Makers Market and put on the recent block party we went to, and that was the day I decided it was time to get one for our dining room. Garrett's only request was that it should happen after our July 4th party and look fantastic when Thanksgiving rolls around. Kristen and her husband Matt came over Friday night, and installed it pre-planted for me. It's already great! When the work was done, we visited for a couple more hours, which was tons of fun.

I love our new indoor garden from Vertical Gardens Northwest! Check out more:

I decided to do half plants and half herbs, and am looking forward to being able to just walk across the dining room for fresh herbs when I'm cooking. And it's just out of reach from the cats. I'm sure they hate it.

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