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Zoey was hunting around outside the swim center when I walked up today. I've seen her outside before, but never so active.

She's such a lucky cat. The swim center is such a great place for a cat to live. It's huge, and has tons of floor-to-ceiling windows. Tons of friendly people come through every day who either admire her from afar or are very sweet and doting if they visit. People are in and out a lot so the door opens all the time, making it easy for her to leave whenever she wants. I've even seen employees let her in when she was waiting by a sliding window in the back. And finally, when she goes outside, she's in the middle of a huge park with a trail through the woods right by the building.


What a life. I feel similarly lucky. Our neighborhood is great, I'm enjoying all the walking, hiking, and swimming I get to do, and even though work is crazy busy, it's going great. Today's swim was really nice, and afterward I sat in the upper level of the sauna practicing holding my breath while pressing my sore shoulder up against the warm back wall. I want to get better at swimming without a snorkel, so I took breaths and held them as long as possible. The inhaling and exhaling would happen much faster in the pool, but I wasn't alone in the sauna and didn't want to gasp loudly.

Yesterday's hike was also great.

First I made my way all the way up to the top of the Eastern slope, to the paved road that runs alongside the Boeing recreation center. Once in a while if I want to start on that side at the top, I'll park where the trail emerges at the road. One of the first times I was up there, I walked down the hill that heads North, and decided to check it out again. It's probably private property, but there's no sign saying not to go there, so why not? There's not a trail, per se, but they've done a little utility work down there and vehicles have cleared tire paths.


There's not a lot to see on the hillside itself, but it overlooks the water, so there are good views. Not sure why I didn't grab any photos of that. I liked a lot of the coloring I saw.


I'm quite proud of the route I took. It was the entire length of the area using the uppermost path, as well as a complete loop around the big bike stunts area. Almost every time I go that way, I confuse the loop trail's Eastern part for an exit, then find myself making a counterclockwise loop and coming back to the trail via it. The first time it happened, I was really confused and frustrated, but now I just enjoy that loop. I almost always used to go up the center trail, head North on the upper part, and make my way down the way I went up today. I prefer it the way I go now, the trails are just easier in that direction. Especially the steep sandy one at the North end.

It's kind of like a sandwich. If it doesn't taste as good as you thought it would, try flipping it over.

I always like to get a photo of this view across the gulch from up there.

View from the top

One of the hugest slugs I've ever seen!


I wanted to be able to say I did the "entire" Easternmost path so I also went to the end of that access road and back.


Today's awesome walk, 5.91 miles in 2:58, 16,713 steps, 513ft gain
5.91 miles in 2:58, 16,713 steps, 513ft gain

I was really surprised when I stopped the app to see that I'd been out for three hours! My best comfortable pace is three miles an hour, but I only did two an hour yesterday. Probably because I was having so much fun stopping for Snapchats. One thing I really wish I'd gotten on camera was an owl that flew past me. It was about three feet from my face! Totally amazing.

Once I'd reached a lull in the work today when I knew it'd be a while before I heard back about anything, I decided to take advantage of all the extra time I worked last week and step away for a bit. I was hoping to buy a pan at the K-Mart in Marysville, but when I got there, it was already empty and closed up. I knew that store was closing, but I hoped I'd catch the clearance sale. Oh well. Lunch at a buffet was pretty good, even though it was way too warm in there. Also visited a couple of thrift stores, and tried to do a little shopping at Grocery Outlet, only to discover they don't have any handbaskets at that location. So weird. Here's a video of the drives out there and back. Neat clouds.


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