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The poor, neglected waterfront

I took the scenic route home along the waterfront yesterday and decided it'd definitely been too long since I'd walked on the waterfront. So I headed back down there today, and it was a perfect morning for it.

I extended my route by heading immediately to the water at the spot where you can first access it, which is just North of the naval base.


It was really perfect out.


And I ended up with eight more entries for the Honey Bucket selfie contest. Four photos, each on Twitter and Instagram.


They even retweeted the third one. The last one's at the site where they're getting ready to move the old Weyerhaeuser building. When it's in place at Boxcar Park, it'll be the headquarters for three different yacht clubs. That move is being handled by the same company that has the Lion House available for purchase and moving.


One of the members of the local yacht club is our friend Melissa, who lives on her boat nearby. When I got there, I sent her a message with this picture saying hi, and she decided she should get out as well. I'll be back on Friday to walk down there with her.


Some fresh shots of familiar stuff.


Today's awesome walk, 5.7 miles in 2:07, 13,341 steps
5.7 miles in 2:07, 13,341 steps

I'm looking forward to seeing how much of this route we end up doing on Friday. I can always keep going if she decides to head back.

All the photos of me are now out of date, as I got a haircut and beard trim this morning. My barber also told me that she's there about three out of every four Mondays even though the shop's closed, and that I should text her if I want a Monday haircut. Guess I've entered the inner circle.


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