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A small victory

I found myself in a position as my work day was winding down where I'd need to not only re-do a bunch of work, but have the amount done in the new version increase about sevenfold. And I made plans to present the revised version 23 hours later. Tomorrow's my birthday, so as a gift to myself, I decided to work a few extra hours this afternoon to take the pressure off tomorrow. But that's not what this post's title refers to. What I'm excited about is that I finally managed to make the Vine I've been wanting to make for a while this morning. The lighting has never been right before, but today it came out perfect.

Today was the first time I ever saw an eagle down at the beach. It was picking around at the ground, which I didn't know they did, and it also flew around a bit. I caught both of these moments as Vines, as well.

That was in the second part of my walk, though. The first part was something completely new! I decided to visit the Mukilteo Beach side before doing my Edgewater Beach loops, and noticed for the first time that it's a much bigger beach than I realized. I mean, it was low tide, but still, it goes on and on. Totally cool. Lots more cloud pics and such if you click over to flickr.


I'm not used to seeing as much weird sea plant and animal life on the beaches as I saw there. I wonder if it's because that beach has a Western shore and my normal ones are to the North. There was a lot of gross stuff I didn't want pictures of if you think this is gross.


Lots of heron action. Tons of seals in the water, too, but they seem to be able to sense when you get your phone ready, and slip into the water almost every time.


That beach has a very impressive driftwood trunk.


Back at the tank farm where I do my loops, I was sad to discover they painted over the mural I like. I don't get it, since the plan is to demolish all of that to make the new ferry terminal. Maybe it won't happen for a while.


Today's awesome walk, 5 miles in 2:05, 12,37 steps
5 miles in 2:05, 12,37 steps

I really enjoyed seeing a new beach and the workout was more intense because of all the time spent on sand and rocks. I'll be back for sure.

This afternoon I shipped out a very large air plant setup! It wasn't in my shop because I picked up the glass part with a friend in mind who has purchased from me before. Thankfully she liked it and agreed to buy it so it didn't end up languishing in my shop.

Large xerographica setup I shipped out today with a cider bottle for scale.

The day's finally winding down but I have to jump back into it early tomorrow. Glad I knocked out the bulk of what needs to get done and can enjoy the rest of the evening.

2/3 of my boys
The other third


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