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Deja Vu

On Tuesday I agreed to meet my friend Melissa down on the waterfront and pretty much re-do the same route with her. I started by her dock instead of where I normally park, but otherwise, I traced almost the exact same route. Which is a good thing, because I realized halfway through the walk that I didn't actually click the button in MapMyRun, and it wasn't being recorded. So I ended copying it on the website. No point in making a map.

We met at 5am, which is a little earlier than I normally get out, but I woke up at 3am, so it wasn't an issue at all.

It was definitely a different experience walking with someone and talking the whole time instead of listening to music and playing with Snapchat and taking photos. We also started off a little fast and I had to take a few minutes to let my shins rest once we got to the Northernmost part of our route, but after that, I was fine. I only took four photos the entire walk, which might be a record.


Here's the building that's been moved, still on its, uh, mover things.


I found the plaque for that sculpture and I guess it's supposed to represent a wave.


And I got yet another entry for the contest.

The #portofeverett has an @officialhoneybucket everywhere you look. #honeybucketselfie

Our walk took us by Moontree Asian Tapas and I ended up going back for lunch later.

Lunch view

Clockwise from top: tuna carpaccio, shishito peppers, and burnt tomato salad. Fantastic. Not cheap.

Tuna carpaccio, shishito peppers, burnt onion salad


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