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New frontiers
I didn't get out of bed immediately when my alarm went off, and regret it a bit, as I only saw the best of the sunrise from the car.

Which isn't to say that it wasn't nice out.


They're doing some construction on the trail there, thankfully it's only closed for the project on weekdays. And they've got a Honey Bucket! Two more entries for the contest.


They're raising the height of the dikes that keep rising floodwaters at bay. Not sure how they're doing that or where they are, but it looks like they're moving the trail a little bit away from the water.


I have no idea what these are, but I saw a ton today.


The reason I saw so many was that I went somewhere completely new. The loop trail on the island was pretty overgrown, so to make up the mileage, I headed as far North as I could along the river.


The views were really cool. I've never been able to see this bridge from the side.


Had a fun time stalking birds. Especially this guy.


I decided on Thursday that I should probably quit using my current pair of shoes, but forgot. They went in the garbage after today's walk. I checked my records and have gotten 463 miles out of them, which is pretty good.


Today's awesome walk, 6.5 miles in 2:25, 15,164 steps
6.5 miles in 2:25, 15,164 steps

Wasn't necessarily planning on going so far, but I didn't want to turn back until I'd seen the whole thing, and then had to get back to my car. It was fun, though.

After I got home, I added a new item to my shop. These hanging wall vases are six inches tall, and the plants stick out about that much more. They even ship with a Command hook so there's no need to use a nail.


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I like those orange things! Some kind of rose hip maybe? I'm not good with plants LOL!

I must take some photos of my air plants. A lot of them are flowering.

A friend on Facebook confirmed, they are rose hips. There were tons of them.

Looking forward to your photos!

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