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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Get out while you can
Nothing really remarkable about my swim, other than the fact that Zoey was once again hanging around out front when I got there.


I saw a lull in the back-and-forth with what I'm doing at work and decided to get out and see Ghostbusters.

It was really great. And I recommend seeing it in 3D, as they did something I've never seen before with it. It's not a spoiler at all, so I don't feel bad for mentioning it, but they had a black band at the top and bottom of the screen acting as an artificial edge of the screen, and a lot of the 3D effects crossed over it. Really cool idea. Everyone was great in it and I'm glad it turned out as well as it did.

I noticed on the way into the mall that the zipline has a Honey Bucket, so that was two more entries for the contest.


I made a couple of mistakes after the movie. I didn't hit the restroom on the way out, and I took the freeway without checking traffic. Made for a long trip home.

The rain was really great. It smelled amazing as I left the theater and made for an interesting video. Though I do see that I should probably squeegee a bit to clear up the area in the bottom of the phone's field of vision.

It occurred to me that I don't post much food stuff here. Tonight's dinner was peppercorn garlic pork loin, roasted tiny potatoes, and creamed spinach. I added rosemary from our indoor garden to the potatoes, but not nearly enough based on the taste. It was a tedious meal to make because I forgot to set a timer for the meat, so I ended up checking it a lot, and got overheated in the process.

I made dinner

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Food looks delicious.

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