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Melissa asked if she could join me on my walk Monday, and I explained that currently I swim Monday but I could show her the gulch on Tuesday. I was surprised when I'd said to meet at 5:30 and she suggested 5:15 instead. And I'm glad I woke up at 3:30 so I didn't have to hurry through my first cup of coffee. Getting somewhere exactly on time has never been my strong suit; I'm always early. But I really didn't want to sit around waiting, so I tried to time it perfectly. That led to a minor panic when I got out to the garage and remembered I'd thrown my shoes away.

I had two more pair waiting in a cabinet, and thankfully they were laced correctly except for the top hole, so it didn't take long to get them on.


I flew down to the park with a few minutes to spare and waited. And waited. And waited. Once she was 15 minutes late, I called, just in case she slept through her alarm. She answered from her car and was confused as she thought she'd be really early. Turns out that while she asked for 5:15, she put it in her calendar as 5:45. She was ten minutes early for that, so I waited 20. At least I got this unusual view of some of the light of the sunrise shining across to the bottom of the cloud layer.


As is always the case, stopping for photos and videos and snaps is something I really only do when I'm solo, but I stopped for one shot, for posterity.


One thing I hadn't thought about before heading out is how weird it would be to walk with someone there. The trails are mostly too narrow to walk two abreast, and it's a bit awkward to lead. Oh well. I also had an exact path in mind, and managed to miss the loop I was trying to find for us, as well as take us quite far down on the Bowling Ball trail before realizing that wasn't it. But it was all the same to her as she hasn't seen any of it before.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 5.25 miles in 2:08, 12,941 steps, 612ft gain
5.25 miles in 2:08, 12,941 steps, 612ft gain

Updated kitchen air plant view.

Lots of new stuff here

Glad I got a video I really liked, as my phone mount on my dashboard broke right after that one. Gotta love Amazon, I was able to just reorder it, and it'll be here Friday.

The theme of the day was calendar SNAFUs, I guess. I arrived for my deep tissue massage for my sore shoulder, only to find out I'd actually chosen July 26 in their calendar. Thankfully he has an opening on Friday so I don't have to wait a whole week. Got myself a nice bento on the way back home, as well as a sake I've been curious about. I had no idea until she poured it that it's full of blobs of gelatin. Pretty neat.

Got the date wrong for my deep tissue massage, here's a bento instead.

After lunch I jumped back into work for a couple more hours, and even managed to get some photos scanned and prints ordered for my mother-in-law. I also managed to make a pretty good dinner.

I made dinner

Korean kalbi beef tacos and steamed pork dumplings. The slaw in the tacos is made from cabbage and carrot shreds, Japanese mayo, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and a bit of sesame oil. The dipping sauce for the dumplings is ponzu, soy sauce, and a bit of garlic. I was going to use ginger in there but there was mold in the jar. :(


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