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Halfway there

It was sure nice to head to the pool today now that my projects are finished. I had to send out a final set of documentation today, but was hoping for a correction I'd asked for to get processed before I took the screenshot. Since it hadn't come back yet, I headed out to the pool satisfied that I'd reached a great stopping point. Many hours passed before that actually happened, so I ended up getting it done and fixing my screenshot using MSPaint.

My swim was really nice. I'm working my way backward through the Lip Locked podcast, and today's episode was 384. That was the second to last before she went through a period of guest mixes so she'd have extra time to get into the recording studio to make new music, and it was good to hear her stuff again. No offense intended to the guest who filled in for her, I just like Anna's stuff better. Though it was weird, 384 is one of the few where she speaks just a bit at the beginning and then plays all the way through. Normally she pops in to talk quite a few times, and I like that.

A trip to WinCo was in order and I went straight there after the pool. Honestly, I could spend hours there taking photos, there's just so much to see and when I get there in the morning, all the shelves are freshly stocked or being stocked. Today I noticed for the first time in a while how many shopping carts they have on the premises.


The non-grocery section is quite small and has a strange assortment of stuff. Today I saw popsicle molds shaped like corn, plus this thing.

We're living in the future now.

They also had a desktop candy dispenser shaped like a miniature vending machine. Maybe there were other candy dispensers as well, I was in a bit of a hurry.

Updating to add that I finally managed to get my video filters working on Snapchat again. The best ones (slo-mo, reverse, and fast-forward) had been missing from my options for a while. I removed it and reinstalled it and it's fine now. Honestly, I should have tried that a while ago, but it's been updated constantly over the past week, so I figured that a reinstall would be redundant. After all those years I did tech support and told people to reinstall stuff, and I waited so long to try it. Harumph.

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