christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Monday funday

I'd been kind of dreading starting this work week because the team members I support were having a very tricky problem on Friday, at 5pm. I let them know that I'd investigate it first thing Monday, because the guys I escalate to are in Alabama and South Africa. No point in getting all involved until Monday morning. Looking at it with fresh eyes today, I was able to document what I saw efficiently and our guy in Alabama figured it out relatively quickly. Pretty painless compared to how I thought it would turn out.

I also had a quick meeting about stepping in to help with a big migration project. It's the kind of thing people don't like to do and that I'm generally good at and happy to help with. A win for all involved.

What I was really looking forward to today was seeing my friend Bryan for the first time in several years! He's on vacation staying at his aunt's place down in Burien and was kind enough to drive up here to meet me.

Just got back from an awesome lunch with @sirmookie! Love that dude. :D

I wanted to take him to Terracotta Red, but I've been there on a hot day before, and it was unpleasantly warm in there. Instead, I drove us way down to the South end of town for sushi at a nice place that I knew had air conditioning. Aside from having the best-priced chirashi bowl I've had, there was another advantage to going that far South. I've been wanting to get a video of this.

My friend Traci said on Facebook that she wanted to see it in slow motion, so I ran it through Snapchat for that, and then decided to also make a backwards version. Turns out those guys look like really good dancers when they're backwards.

On the way back to the house, I drove him through Mukilteo, then all around Northern Everett to show off my favorite stuff. It was fun, but it was also a very bright and warm day out. He lives in LA, though, so it no big deal for him.

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