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Safeway sandwich

I have extra earbud tips for my waterproof ipod because I've lost a couple, and it's high time I kept them with my swim stuff because this was my second swim in a row where I could only use one side. The last time was because I lost it, and this time was because I forgo to put a new one on after that. Of course there's a challenge as everything in my swim bag gets wet, but if it's not in my swim bag, it doesn't come along into the swim center. And everything that goes in the swim bag gets rinsed (goggles, iPod, earbuds, case), washed (towel), or hung to dry (bag itself, trunks). So maybe a heavy duty freezer bag for the earbud tips that'll see a lot of action and get replaced once in a while. Better than one earbud.

I did my hour and then headed out for some shopping.

Mainly I wanted to go to Trader Joe's today because it'd been a while, but I was running a bit early. To kill time, I went to the Safeway in our old neighborhood first. There were some King's Hawaiian mini rolls on the first display I saw, so I decided one of our upcoming meals will be Spam sliders. That screams out for macaroni salad on the side, and I figured Trader Joe's would probably have an awesome one. Turns out, they don't have any macaroni salad at all! Pretty weird, if you look at the other stuff they have. It seems like a natural fit. So I went to our neighborhood Safeway on the way home, and admitted to George the cashier that it wasn't my first Safeway of the day. He laughed and said that's what I deserved for shopping anywhere else.

It worked out, though, because I thought of a couple more things I hadn't already picked up. And I found these.

Here we go again.

I didn't even know Lay's was doing another one of these flavor promotions. This one's not a contest, though. Looking forward to finding and trying the other three. I wouldn't say I buy tons of chips, but I'll try every single new flavor I can find.

I'm happy to report that this plant has *three* blooms!


Poor Garrett's sick today. Last night right at dinner time, he got a fever which was at 101 by bedtime.


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