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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Fax 575
I woke up at 3am today and got out of bed at 3:30. That ended up working out perfectly because there was an email waiting for me from Garrett explaining that I'd probably need to be back home by 7:30 to take him to the doctor. Dawn was going to be at about 5am, but I looked up the hours at Mukilteo Beach and this time of year, you can go there at 4am! The place I've been parking doesn't allow it between 2:30 and 4:30, so I figured I'd just try to arrive at 4:30. It was close! I got there at 4:26 and waited in the car, just in case.

Thank goodness it was low tide, otherwise the trip to Mukilteo Beach would have been pretty short. I made it as far as I did last time, but it was a lot darker. This is the light finally arriving as I headed back from the end of the beach.


Lovely bike rack.


The weather's been hot the last few days. This was the only cloud I saw.


Over at Edgewater Beach, the tide was so low, and I saw the water geoducks were spitting out. I got a Snap of that but didn't bother making a copy for Instagram since I've posted that there before.


A newly-placed Honey Bucket across from the tiny park where I leave my car means two more contest entries.


Today's awesome walk, 4.77 miles in 1:46, 11,158 steps, 233ft gain
4.77 miles in 1:46, 11,158 steps, 233ft gain

It took a while to get Garrett's prescriptions filled but I'm happy to report I found the other three of the four new Lay's flavors I hadn't tried yet.

My Pokemon

Tonight's dinner was grilled Spam sliders on King's Hawaiian bread plus macaroni salad. Good stuff.

I made dinner

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Poor Garratt - 'flu is so tiring and takes a while to recover from.

That was an early start but worth it to avoid the heat. How high is the temperature during the day where you are?

It's supposed to get to 80 today. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but over the years the temperatures have been climbing and the weeks with higher temperatures are pretty rough in this region because nothing is really built to deal with it. Almost nobody has central air and it's really hard to cool a house down without it. Thankfully we have some rolling units and if we close up our bedrooms and turn them on an hour before bed, it's pretty decent. And since the basement is partially buried, one unit can keep it pretty cool as well.

Cooking is what's most difficult. I made pasta two nights ago which meant using two burners. We have another rolling AC in the dining room but it can barely make a dent since the kitchen and dining room are so big and airy. And that room gets so much sunlight due to the skylights.

One thing I'm really grateful for is that our neighborhood is terraced and has huge trees. To the west of us, the houses are even taller and between the tree coverage, the height of the hill, and our awnings, we have a lot less sun coming into our bedrooms than we could.

It's the same in the UK - we really aren't geared up for hot weather and the recent 90 temperatures mean we just melt at home. We caved and bought an air conditioner last year but it's stored away so we suffered at night this year - but it was only for a week! It's so rare that we have high temperatures that very few people bother to buy a unit and just have a fan. It's back to 75 today but really humid. Ack!!

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