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My new trekking poles came Wednesday, but Thursday's my beach day so I didn't get to try them out until yesterday. Here's a photo of the new ones, collapsed, next to the old ones, which I always left extended because it was too difficult to get them locked in place again.


I really love the fancy quick-release system on the new ones. The straps are also more comfortable, and the handles are cork instead of just plastic. The only thing I'm not sure about so far is that I can't feel any shock absorption, so I need to look into that.

My plan was to head up to the top via the OG trail and then find the loop that I missed when I took Melissa there recently. And of course, I found it easily. When I'm by myself, I don't worry about wrong turns, and also don't take many. Funny how that works.


After that I decided to trace the outer edge of the rest of the upper Western side and then head back down. The original plan was to use Rusty Car to get back, but I decided it'd be fun to follow Bowling Ball. As part of one of my wrong turns with Melissa, we went pretty far down it, and I couldn't remember how long it'd been since I did the whole thing. At the Southernmost end, I peeked around just off the trail and saw some kid's bike. Hopefully that's just where they like to stash it and it wasn't stolen or anything.


Bowling Ball's a fun trail, though I will say if someone were to come down on a bike there wouldn't be a lot of room to use to get out of the way.


I wish I could capture just how prismatic these webs were.


About halfway down the trail I realized there's another very steep trail. I've been up it once. It's barely visible because so few people use it. There's really no reason to unless you like a trail that's ridiculously difficult for some reason.


Today's awesome walk, 4.25 miles in 2:26, 13,225 steps, 373ft gain
4.25 miles in 2:26, 13,225 steps, 373ft gain

Yesterday was air plant bath day, and this is the first time in a while there weren't any new ones left out of the bath because they got one upon arrive, so the whole collections in both these photos.

Bath time!
The entire collection

Today's been fun. Unfortunately Garrett has to work, but he didn't want to watch Mother May I Sleep with Danger? with me and our friend Jenn, so it's just as well that she happened to come up today for that. First she and I went out to breakfast in Mukilteo and I gave her a short driving tour of our immediate area. We watched the original version, then the recent remake, which was amazing. Tori Spelling is in both, as is the love interest/dangerous man from the first who returns as a professor in the new one. Also, the remake is about lesbian vampires. Gotta love James Franco.

We watched them upstairs since it's a loveseat downstairs, which would be awkward.


Sam enjoyed the extra attention today and seemed exhausted by the time Jenn left.


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