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Island time

On my way into Spencer Island today, I saw a cat that may or may not have been the same one I saw there a while back, which I suspect was also the one Melissa and I saw on the trail later on. And I saw a couple of black cats running around from one water treatment plant property to another. I feel a lot better about their situation now. Clearly it's not a bad place to be a feral cat, and if at any point any of them wants any help, the animal shelter's right there. I'm not implying that they know what it is, but there are very few buildings and I'm sure if they're hungry they'll try it.

We had a nice walk around the entire area minus the hunting trail. I was more interested in following the river up to the marina again, so the hunting trail was a good section to forego, especially since it's been overgrown a lot. As usual, I played with the phone a lot less since I wasn't alone.


Today's awesome walk, 6.47 miles in 2:06, 13,973 steps
6.47 miles in 2:06, 13,973 steps

There's a fork in the road when you head in and I've always been curious about the other direction. It's a bridge that goes up and over the freeway, so you can't see what's off in the distance at all. Turns out it's not very long, and there's an entrance to a farm, along with some city property. But I ended up with two more Honey Bucket selfie contest entries.


Garrett's been cooped up all week because he got the flu, but he still had to work from home on a major project. Thankfully he was well enough to want to go out for breakfast today. We tried The Vintage Cafe for the first time today, which was good. And it's nice to know it opens at 7am with cocktail service, whereas a lot of other places that do aren't open until 10am.

Nothing else planned today but movies and TV in the basement. Sounds great.


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