christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Easing in

I like swimming on Mondays because it's a nice way to kick off a week without overdoing the walking. I generally do my longest walk of the week on Sunday so being kind to my feet on Monday is smart. I've simplified the music situation, too. All that's on my waterproof iPod when I get to the pool is episode of Lip Locked I want to hear, plus the song I often found myself wanting to hear after it's over. No need to fast forward through the other 26 tracks from that album just for a quick fix.

I'm not buying too many toys or collectibles lately, but I couldn't resist the new Uhura doll. She looks great with RuPual.

RuPaul and Uhura, together at last.

And I added some Thai basil to the garden. I wanted to do mint but the plants I found were surprisingly tall.

Added Thai basil to the garden.

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