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Get out while you can

Some work that was supposed to be ready for me when I started my day wasn't, so I went out for a walk I wasn't entirely sure I'd even do today. The week's been all shuffled up, though. I wanted to show Melissa the tank farm but my normal Thursday there doesn't work for her, so we're doing it Friday. And my niece Katie wants to get a good workout in Thursday morning before she leaves for Costa Rica, so she'll join me at Japanese Gulch on Thursday. So I figured I'd just do the waterfront today. After parking a little further West than I normally do, I started following the water's edge, but took a quick detour to check out the former site of that building that was recently moved. I'm impressed. You can barely tell a building was there at all. Anyway, I'm excited to learn that the stairway that will lead up and over the railroad tracks to the next street over will be here. That's the perfect spot.


I realized recently that I was missing one section of path. It wasn't really affecting my distance, but going the way I did makes for a nicer walk.


The aforementioned building is still propped up. I'm curious when a building is moved how they handle the plumbing. Does everything on the lowest floor have to be ripped out and redone? Do they use something flexible? Hrm.


It's been a long time since I saw so many geese on the ground at once. They're one of the main reasons I was hoping to be able to export my Snapchat story for this post, because the video is much more chilling than the photo. But one of the recent "upgrades" took away the ability to do that if there are more than 20 videos in it. But the whole reason to want to export it is if you have a bunch, so that's dumb. Hopefully they'll see the error of their ways and fix that.


The cutest bench ever.


The sky was overcast this morning and there really wasn't a sunrise to speak of. But I can't remember ever seeing clouds so blue.


And I managed to get another contest entry from a place I thought I'd tapped out! They've moved a portable bathroom building that's been there for a while to a new spot, then surrounded it with Honey Buckets and even a Honey Bucket handwash station. Not really sure why they'd have the mix of the two instead of double the amount of one or the other.


Today's awesome walk, 6.07 miles in 2:05, 13,491 steps
6.07 miles in 2:05, 13,491 steps

Why did it take me so many visits there to realize I could just double back on the same route and get twice the time on the water with more distance and minimal time on the loud, busy road? Silly me.


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