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Sensing a theme

Last night for the first time in ages, the sounds around me crept into my dream. My boxer briefs were made of sheet metal, and when I bumped into one of the front porch walls at my grandparents' house, they made a rattling noise that wouldn't stop. I finally woke up and realized it was the sound of my CPAP. That got me thinking about it a lot, and I realized it was finally time to address my water bottle situation.

Sleep used to be a vicious cycle for me. I'd start snoring with my mouth open, and it would dry out. I'd wake up and drink some water. I'd wake up again in a while the same way but also need to pee. Over and over, sometimes five bathroom visits a night. Now that I don't snore at all, I generally make one bathroom visit a night. And while I find I'd like to wet my whistle a bit sometimes, I tend not to because this water bottle doesn't work so well any more.


Opening my mouth wide enough to drink from that makes the air from the CPAP rush into my mouth, so I mostly just don't. I've had my eye on something at the grocery store for a while that should help, though, and finally picked it up this morning after my swim.


I should be able to take the tiniest sip without disrupting the normal CPAP air flow too much. And it matches my tattoo.

Our new love seat finally arrived today, so I was able to toss this kludge in the trash that kept my side of the old one from locking in the upright position.


Did I post about my Chia Hillary before? I got her for my birthday and she's super weird right now. I missed a day of watering and that made the seeds on the top of her head die. She almost has a mullet.


The new love seat:


It's electric, which we never wanted, but the head rest is adjustable, which is great. So we went for it. This is our third love seat together. Turns out the easiest way to get it in here was for the delivery guys to park next door and walk it through our back yard, through the French doors.


The neighborhood cat we call Janet likes to taunt Sam and Steve through these doors, and I caught her just as she was about to walk in while they were open.

We're getting used to sitting in it now. It's going to be a long process.
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