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Good for what ails you

One nice thing about Dish Network is that a lot of Sirius XM stations are on it. For many months now, we've had the TV on Utopia, which is the dance music station covering the '90s up until now. Lots of good stuff on there. Unfortunately, they've decided to remove it from their lineup. It'll still be available on their app and somewhere else, but that doesn't really matter since we just need the TV to be on something good between DVR viewings. Last night was supposed to be the final night, and I started wondering if I might be able to hear it end if I stayed up until 9pm. That's midnight on the East coast, so it wouldn't be a shock if it ended at 9:00 here. It didn't end right then, and I went to bed having stayed up too late and having had too much wine. I felt pretty terrible this morning, but a hike always helps, so I headed to Japanese Gulch. My niece was originally supposed to meet me there today anyway, but canceled.

First, I hiked all the way to the top on the Eastern slope and did a loop near the Boeing recreation center, catching part of the sunrise while I was up there.


Some of the trees I saw up there made me wonder if we're going to have an early Fall.


The photo I always take.


Today's awesome walk, 5 miles in 2:28, 14,031 steps, 465ft gain
5 miles in 2:28, 14,031 steps, 465ft gain

No matter how many times I go that way, I always get confused by the loop that goes around the large bike stunts area, so today I finally decided to climb up the shortcut I found into it, exit the normal way, then figure out why I always end up where I started even though I never think I'd passed the path from the other direction. It all makes sense now. A path that I always look at and think it goes to the ballfields doesn't go directly there. It's part of the loop, and then the exit path branches off that. I also managed to find a path I hadn't seen in a while again today. It's rather useless, though, as it leads you out of the gulch and onto an access road people are specifically not supposed to walk on. Good to know about in an emergency, I suppose.

I got home, finished a bunch of work stuff and submitted it, and wanted nothing more than a nap. But I also needed lunch, and knew I wouldn't fall asleep if I was hungry, so I went to the sketchy buffet for a quick lunch. I love that they have pinwheels alongside the sushi and always have to get one.

🎶 One of these things is not like the others 🎶

Once I got back, I had a really good 40-minute nap with the CPAP, and felt so much better. Then I checked the Utopia station to see what was playing, and it was still Utopia! But an annoying message was flashing saying a Garth Brooks station was premiering there in a month. Because that's what the world really needs. Oh well.


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