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High tide with company
Fax 575
I moved my normal Thursday beach/tank farm walk to Friday so my friend Melissa could come along. She has a regular meeting early on Thursdays. Not a big deal, as Thursday at Japanese Gulch was pretty great. We started off at the Mukilteo Beach side but couldn't get very far due to high tide, but what we saw over there was still very nice. She'd never been down there and it was cool to show it to her.

Lovely morning.


Melissa decided to stop after about four miles but I stayed longer. Wish I would have planned for that possibility, as I did another couple of miles with no music. I grabbed this photo and posted it to the Cloudspotting group I'm in immediately thinking there wouldn't be any more clouds at all after that.


Turns out there was a lot more cloud action and I ended up doing a followup post.


Not sure why I never thought to intentionally mess up panoramas before.


Didn't crouch to get this photo, the bunny was actually at my eye level! It ran way up a big pile of debris when it saw me coming.


Today's awesome walk, 6.04 miles in 1:56, 12,951 steps
6.04 miles in 1:56, 12,951 steps

Not a whole lot to see in this video, but I really like the way the clouds look in the first part.

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Messed up panorama shots - that's kind of brilliant.

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