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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Sunday Funday
Fax 575
News that will surprise nobody: I went to Spencer Island this morning. I go there most Sundays, mainly because it's very stressful to merge on the highway to come back on weekdays. Just for something different, I took the freeway between here and the closest exit to the start of that highway at the North end of town.

It was a gorgeous morning, and a little bit of pink light poked through the cloud cover when I arrived.


While walking on the new, elevated trail, I found a memorial for a group of friends who died in an auto accident on my 16th birthday.

Memorial on Spencer Island

Was in the mood for lots of flower photos today.


Eventually the sky divided into a blue section and a grey section. Check out the 360-degree photo I made, I'm so glad they render properly on flickr. Of course it got a little wonky on the fences.


Spotted another Honey Bucket for the contest at the water treatment plant.


Today's awesome walk, 6.7 miles in 2:35, 15,984 steps
6.7 miles in 2:35, 15,984 steps

I'm bummed that the hunting trail is really overgrown right now, but I guess it worked out fine, because I was already pretty hungry by the time I left, and 6.7 miles is nothing to sneeze at.

Sam and Steve were being super cute when I got home.


I noticed in my Snapchat videos that my beard was really out of control. Unfortunately, I greatly underestimated just how close my clippers can get on the closest setting, and now my beard's a van dyke for the first time since 2008. My barber is closed Mondays, but she told me she's usually around her shop anyway and I should check with her if I want a Monday haircut, so I texted her this picture. I think shorter hair will help a lot. I also told her I'd bring her one of those hanging air plant vases on the right in the photo.

Had a bit of an accident.

We went to Harvey's for an awesome breakfast.

Chicken fried steak at Harvey's

Now we're just watching the SeaFair coverage. Garrett reminded me this morning that his annual air show trip is in five days, so I've put in a request for a pretty neat AirBnB that I'm waiting to hear back about. And as I was typing this, my reservation was confirmed! I'll go hiking at Mt. Baker before I drive home. Fun!

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What is the stuff next to your eggs on the plate?

We call that style of beard a "goatee" here in the UK ;)

That's a chicken fried steak with gravy. If you're not familiar, it's a cut of beef that's tenderized, dipped in flour and spices, then fried.

Most people here in the US would also incorrectly call this beard a goatee, but if you check a beard styles chart, a goatee covers the chin only. But a van dyke became really popular in the '90s and nobody ever really learned the name.

And of course now that I checked some beard styles charts, they all disagree with each other. :)

LOL look what I found - I'm even more confused now!

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