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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Food, farms, and fun
Fax 575
I don't talk much about food on here because guaparella started a great food and cooking group on Facebook that I really like, but I'm kind of proud of last night's dinner. I recently added Thai basil to our indoor herb garden when one of the original ones wasn't doing so well, and decided to add some to a small chicken caesar salad I had for lunch last week. It tasted great, and the wheels started turning. If I had to choose a favorite dish, it'd be bun, the Vietnamese vermicelli salad bowl, and I figured it'd be really good to make one with a caesar salad. Instead of making everything myself, I picked up some grilled pork and some egg rolls at a local restaurant on Friday when I bought my lunch. I also hoped to incorporate some of what I ordered for that day's lunch as the noodle portion of the bowl, but it wasn't what I expected. It was called "crispy pho" but the noodles they fried up were wide, thick, and chewy. Tasty stuff, but not what I was looking for. That's fine, I had some vermicelli onhand, and also picked up a carrot, which I shredded and pickled, plus an English cucumber.


I liked it a lot! I think I liked it more than Garrett did, though.

Got my hour in at the pool this morning and managed to get another entry for the contest at the petting zoo our neighborhood park has every year before fair season starts.


And even though she's not officially open, my barber confirmed that she'd be around today and I was her first customer. I'll be happier when my beard's back, but the shorter hair helps a lot.


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damn that food looks amazing. Love the honey bucket selfies! They'd be a fool not to award you first place.

Thank you for your support! I'd really like to be the winner. And mostly I'll be really mad if they choose one by these two:


Technically they aren't breaking the rules by having someone else take the photo because the rules state, "take a photo of yourself or your friends," but it would be really stupid if a photo that isn't a selfie wins.

Although now I see they aren't hash tagging their location, just entering it via the app. Not following the rules!

Your barber sound really nice to do that for you.

What other kind of cucumber is there in the US?

English ones are also known here as hot house cucumbers because they're apparently all grown in greenhouses and the like. Regular garden cucumbers are usually much cheaper, but they also have lots more seeds and the peel is thicker and unpleasant to eat. Mainly when people like an English one, it's because they won't feel obligated to peel it.

I rewarded my barber for her niceness with an item from my Etsy shop that retails for $25. :)

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