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And now we wait

The weather has cooled way off, and I was surprised to see when I drove out of the garage this morning that the streets were wet, too. It didn't seem like there was too much rain, though, so I went ahead and drove down to Japanese Gulch.


I'm glad yesterday was a pretty slow day for me on Snapchat because I was in the mood to export my story as a video today, and it currently won't do that if your story has more than 20 videos. And as far as I can tell, photos count as videos due to how they're displayed. But today I came in under and was able to do it. And I left in a couple of the snaps from yesterday.

It was really quite dark when I got those time and temperature shots, I'm surprised you can see so much in the video. The phone's pretty powerful when it wants to be. Today was more about exploring, as you'll see on the map, so I only stopped for a couple of photos.


Today's awesome walk, 4 miles in 1:53, 10,867 steps, 419ft gain
4 miles in 1:53, 10,867 steps, 419ft gain

As I mentioned in the video, I'm trying to really familiarize myself with the trails and the landmarks I can use to recognize them. You might see some more weird maps like today's soon.

I was supposed to have a meeting at 11:30 and it got pushed to 2:30. Glad I didn't make any afternoon plans.

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