christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Dance like no one is watching (unless they have goggles)

I got so distracted by my shoulder that I completely forgot to talk about my swim this morning. Today's soundtrack was Lip Locked 378, and that was a particularly good episode. Hearing it got me thinking about how I never go out dancing any more. It's a night activity for the most part, and I'm just not a night person any more. Or even close to one. Concerts are a slog now and even those are usually done before anyone's dancing. Even if I really wanted to, there aren't exactly lots of choices around here. In fact, looking at Yelp I really only see the single option I thought of off the top of my head, which is the lone gay bar we have here. If anything can gauge how different my life is, it's that. I used to live just a few blocks from an intersection that had dance clubs on three of the four corners and still has them on two. Back in the day, there were so many choices and a lot of people liked to go from one to the next, though I was more of a shift dancer: stay at the first place until closing time, move on to after hours, then on to after after hours. Funnily enough, if I had the same options now, I'd probably just get up at my normal time and go straight to first call at 6am after after-after.

But I doubt the scene in Seattle is anywhere near as fun anyway, and I don't feel like going down there for that.

So now I dance in the water for an hour, twice a week. You wouldn't know it unless you were under water and watching for a while, but I follow the music as I tread water, drifting around while I kick and turn.

It's funny how important the music is. I really don't like to swim or even walk without it. I think most people probably listen to music while they do most exercises, but I've never seen anyone else with headphones at either of the pools I go to. A lot of swimmers I see aren't even there very long and I wonder, would they do the whole hour I do if they had the right soundtrack?

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