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I hate taking out the garbage and recycling on Thursdays, but they're pretty good days in spite of that.

Especially ones like today where I happen to catch a really amazing sunrise.

Tilt your monitor if you can't see, there are distinct shadows in the early stages of this sunrise, I guess from hills or something off in the distance. So cool.


The tide was nice and low so I was able to go really far down the beach.


And I managed to catch a couple of cool moments with the ferries.


Not sure why I've walked near this so many times without noticing it.


There's a small beach near the hotel and restaurants by the ferry terminal and it never occurred to me before today to check it out during low tide. During high tide it disappears completely, so it was cool to see it.


A small preview of what was to come on the way to the last beach.


And then it just got better. There are lots more pictures if you click over.


Today's awesome walk, 5.72 miles in 2:20, 14,137 steps, 265ft gain
5.72 miles in 2:20, 14,137 steps, 265ft gain

I rarely buy physical books any more, but when I saw they actually published this, I had to get one.

I love that they published this.

And here's a laugh from the place where I got a massage today.



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