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Not too much to say about yesterday. Zoey was at the seating area by the front desk making sure everything was running smoothly.


I did my hour treading water, then spent a long time in the hot tub, which I don't normally do. I was pretty sore from Saturday's hike and it felt great. I might have stayed in even longer than I did, but it started to cool down. Not just from heat escaping, but I could actually feel colder water coming into the hot tub. Guess the thermostat is pretty strtict.

Here's a cool picture from Sunday. We were by the county courthouse to see the AIDS memorial in the background, but in the same courtyard is this memorial for workers who have died in the workplace.

Workers Memorial

Sam was sitting in the right spot to pose with me, but was of course an uncooperative model.

This morning I decided to go to the beach instead of the gulch because I wasn't in the mood for any climbing yet. The sky was really interesting because there was just enough space below the cloud cover to see a bit of the sunrise.


I was a little bummed because my mp3 player played one song, then died. Turns out when I stopped using it on my way down the mountain Saturday, I didn't turn it off. It kept playing until the battery died, and when I turned it on today, there was just enough juice to play one track. So I downloaded Pandora, signed in, and played the Information Society radio station. It was weird to hear commercials during my walk. It's also weird that the music didn't show up in my Snapchat videos, since streaming music is supposed to if you play it while you snap. I also worried the whole time about dropping my phone since I had to take the case off for the earbuds to fit into the jack. No such disasters occurred, though.

Seeing this made me sort of wish I'd done the climb after all, since it may have been foggy up there. But then again, sometimes fog can't really penetrate the woods.


Really cool branches twisting through the fence at the train station.


Not sure if this is USS John C. Stennis but I know that one has been around here recently. I've never seen an aircraft carrier from this beach before.


More awesome partial sunrise views.


I guess since we don't have a lot of rocks suitable for stacking, the thing to do at this beach is build stuff out of driftwood.


Lots of heron sightings this morning.


And I got to see a seagull dropping a clam or something to smash it open!

Today's awesome walk, 5.43 miles in 2 hours, 11,684 steps
5.43 miles in 2 hours, 11,684 steps

I wasn't able to go as far South as I have been lately due to the higher tide, but that's fine because I got to see more of the sunrise. Currently I'm just hoping that our new chest freezer is delivered soon, because I'd like to go out for lunch and go to the grocery store, but don't want to leave until it gets here.


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