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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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What a day
Went to WinCo after my swim with big plans, because of this beauty.

New chest freezer

I've been wanting an extra freezer basically forever. It would have been really handy back when I was making half my meals vegan and low sodium and freezing 5-7 portions of everything I made. There's just two of us here so leftovers are always in play. And I'd love to be able to take more advantages of deals I find, and cut down on trips for things I buy all the time. Today, for example, I bought 24 bagels to slice and freeze. I also blended up two bunches of cilantro in olive oil to freeze for use later, plus a jar of chopped ginger to make into cubes. These aren't ingredients I use often, so getting some to have in the freezer will be nice. I had a jar of ginger in the fridge I barely made a dent in before it got moldy.

And now for the gross part of the day.

Normally I put the cats upstairs while I'm down here in the morning. Sam was here when I started the Roomba, and I was going to let him stay, but he kept pushing the curtain open and letting the sunlight in. I took him upstairs. He got revenge.

Roomba vs. cat poop

It's funny that articles about Roombas making a mess of pet poop were making the rounds this week and it finally happened to us. That spot is between two chairs upstairs and just beyond is a pretty big area of light carpet that somehow stayed quite poop-free even though it's clear Rhonda (the Roomba) went all over the room. She's not even supposed to clean in there, but that gap is too far from the electronic wall that we use to keep her out. There's normally a stool there that we use as a makeshift table and overflow seating, but I've been using that to stop Rhonda from getting stuck under the chair on the left. A TV tray blocks the one on the right. And now I need a third thing to help keep her out of the room. Anyway, there's just one small spot in the corner across the room with a second poop smear and I can't believe it.

The rest of the stuff I had to clean got progressively harder. Carpet's not easy, but cleaning the entry by hand and then mopping it was even worse.


And then of course is Rhonda herself.

Roomba vs. cat poop

I took the rollers out and washed those, along with the dust catcher and filter. I may have ruined the dust catcher as I noticed after I got started that it has an electric motor, but it needed the washing, so be it. I'll replace it if I have to. The rest got a good initial scrubbing and is sitting out on the deck airing out. I looked at some instructions online for taking a Roomba apart completely for cleaning and am not sure if I'm willing to do that. Last time I tried anything like that was when I attempted to replace the keyboard on my phone because it was reflective and hard to read, and I ended up destroying the phone.

I ended up eating lunch pretty late because I wanted to finish cleaning up the poop mess, then shower. Trust me, I wasn't super hungry.

EDIT: I'd like to amend this post to acknowledge the very real possibility that Sam used the litter box and had a hard time, leading to some trailing behind him on the way out, which he would have removed by scooting on the floor. He's old and it's been known to happen from time to time.

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Oh dear! I suppose one of the cats could have got poop on their paw? When mine were small and kept inside they used to do that occasionally.

Your new freezer is the same size as our 'overflow' freezer. Ours is 34 years old so we're leaving it for the new owners but I'm going to have to get a new one as I'm so used to having the extra space.

I really like your entrance way tiles by the way :)

It was quite a bit more than what would have come out stuck to a paw. Bleh.

The stone entry was the first thing we saw when we walked into the house with our agent and I loved it so much.

i fucking love Winco.
When I met Nato he lived near a Winco in Portland and it became part of that long distance relationship, ..i had teh softest spot watching him buy his produce and such.

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