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Gulch groove

Today was my first walk with a climb since the big hike on Saturday. Seemed smart to give myself a break and ease into it, so I did a pretty simple climb up, along the tracks like I started doing when the center trail got too muddy last winter. From the top, I entered the Eastern trail and followed it just far enough to exit via the access roads. That took me by this pond. Thankfully there didn't seem to be a mosquito issue.


Instead of immediately cutting over to the next access road via the steep trail I usually follow, I decided to walk up the hill next to it. I couldn't get too far due to spiky vines, but at least I got to see this.


The light was really stunning as I arrived at the long access road.


Just beyond the end of that is where the Paine Field runway lights start, and I can't believe I never noticed until today that you can just walk right up to them and climb up. I didn't do that. I'll certainly wander around somewhere too early and stuff like that, but I won't climb something when it's clear I wouldn't be allowed. It's strange, though, stuff like that usually has a fence with a locked gate.


I was surprised to see the creek was completely dry in the upper area. I stood in it to take this picture in a spot I've never seen without at least a couple of millimeters of water.


I was about to walk up to the scary swing near there, when I noticed I had company.

He came down the hill toward me and I didn't care to see whether he was friendly.

Today's awesome walk, 4.14 miles in 1:44, 10,424 steps, 402ft gain
4.14 miles in 1:44, 10,424 steps, 402ft gain

I'm happy to report that I got a really big order in my shop today. Someone wanted all this!


I only had one terrarium assembled so I had to make another. Then I decided to be smart and assemble the rest I had onhand so I could choose the best two to send. Plus there's always the chance the glue wouldn't work well, and if one were to come apart tomorrow when I check them, I'll have backups. Shortly after, I had an inquiry about my hanging vases, but she was interested in using them for bridesmaid bouquets, so I sent her the link to buy just the vases if she doesn't want air plants as well.


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