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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Well, that was interesting
I pulled up to the dock this morning to pick Melissa up for a walk. It'd been a while since I'd done a Grand Avenue/Waterfront loop, so I figured I may as well show her another nice walk available to her that she doesn't even need a car for. Although I like to start at the park up the hill. After a couple of minutes without seeing her, I texted. She replied saying she was in a pickle, because there was a seal on the dock that didn't want her coming close, so she couldn't get past. Here's the photo she texted me.


I was sitting in a no-parking area and Port staff pulled up to see what I was doing. I explained the situation and he had me pull my car over, then opened the dock gate for me.


This poor woman on the right was almost two hours late because the seal just wouldn't budge.


Melissa called the port to ask for assistance, but said I should go ahead and leave since there was no saying how long it would take. The guy came up just as I left, and I realized it might be taken care of pretty quickly at that point, so I turned the car around to come back. I hadn't brought my mp3 player and didn't want to walk alone without the music. And I was right! Melissa and the other woman emerged just before I pulled up, so Melissa joined me after all.

We managed to spot four entries for the selfie contest!


They announced today that there's only two weeks left in the contest , and I'm a little relieved.

Today's awesome walk, 5.28 miles in 1:38, 11,057 steps, 199ft gain
5.28 miles in 1:38, 11,057 steps, 199ft gain

It's air plant bath day! I've shipped out a dozen and two died, so there aren't nearly as many right now. But that's fine, I ordered 25 more.

Bath day! I've shipped a dozen since the last photo and a couple died, but that's ok. 25 more are on the way.

Today was a good day for a Snapchat export and thankfully I was under 20 snaps and was able to.

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I didn't get any of the sounds it made on video, it was pretty scary.

I'm glad no one thought "I can outrun this piece of blubber, no problem!"

*waves to you and Melissa!*

The seal looks quite scary.

I loved the video of your cats watching the other cat outside. Would you ever consider letting your two be indoor/outdoor cats?

Never. I worry way too much about never seeing them again or huge vet bills due to fights. We do want to enclose a third of our deck to make a catio for them, though.

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