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Sunday surprise
The sky was mostly clear as I pulled up to the island today, except for a few cloudy stripes that kind of looked like smoke from a distant fire. I was really surprised to find fog rolling in from the East, and clouds everywhere by the time I left. There were more people there than I've seen in a long time, too; four guys on bikes, one of whom parked his for a loop around the island on foot, a guy walking three dogs, and two groups of people launching boats. Oh and two people went by on kayaks. Crazy! When I was on the new, elevated trail, the guy who walked the loop came by on his bike and mentioned there was an article about the work being done in the area, but it looks like everything it mentions is North of where we were, and that the new elevated trail is just to reduce the likelihood of flooding.

I took far too many to show them all here, go over to flickr if you'd like to see more.


Today's awesome walk, 6.73 miles in 2:31, 15,811 steps
6.73 miles in 2:31, 15,811 steps

Also got two more photos for the contest.


And I'm happy to report that green onions really do grow back if you put the roots in some water.

Regrowing green onions

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Those misty mountain photos are lovely. Your phone has a really good camera doesn't it. What phone have you got?

It really does have a great camera. It's the LG G4 and the camera was the big selling point for me.

I love it when the rows of hills are different colors as they recede into the distance.

One of my favorite things as well.

you may enjoy this twitter bot, then.


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