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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Cleaning up
I took the long way to the pool this morning because there was a loose dog chasing my car as I drove away from the house and I didn't want it following me to the very busy street I normally turn onto. I was really early anyway, so it didn't matter that I went around the huge greenbelt South of the park. My new nemesis was there, of course. She wears a flotation vest thing and does laps all the way around the deep end. I like to claim a corner, but I'm in her way if I do that, so I've been in the center of the pool a lot lately. Between her and the guy going back and forth mostly swimming backwards next to me, there's a lot to watch out for.

I decided recently that it's time for more tattoos, and that returning to my old shop in Seattle was out of the question. I don't like going down there. Between traffic and parking, and how much the neighborhood's changed, I'd just as soon get a fresh start. Plus I looked, and my old artist isn't even listed as being at that shop any more. And I couldn't easily find where he might be, which is weird in the age of Facebook.

I mentioned in a Facebook post that I was starting my research about local shops, and one of my oldest Seattle-area friends replied yesterday that she and her husband would be up here, today, at a shop owned by someone she's known even longer than we've known each other. So I got to see her, meet her husband, talk to the artist, and make an appointment! It's a testament to someone's talent when they're booked out really far, so while it annoys me that I have to wait until October 7th for my session, it's ultimately a good thing. I showed him my arms, described what I'd like to do to fill them up, and agreed to let him work freehand instead of trying to pre-draw everything and transfer it on. I'd like to do three hours a month for a while, though this will put a dent in my swimming. You're supposed to wait two weeks, and if I heal well enough for that, I'd only be able to swim half as much. That's fine, I stayed away for a while when I colored my hair, too.

Once I got back I decided to finally clean the cat poop out of the wheels of the Roomba. That was gross. They're not sparkling or anything, but I'd rather not try to take it any further apart to try to soak the wheels or something like that. Tomorrow I'll try putting it all back together and we'll find out if I destroyed the unit that houses the fan by getting it wet.

I was about to take a shower when I saw the mail carrier drive up, and I knew my new air plant order was on the truck. Those have had their bath.

New plants arrived today

njbearcub1 told me MTV Classic was doing a marathon of The Real World season 2 and I'm watching those now, and just finished the infamous "blanket snatch" episode. This really takes me back. I was so transfixed by that show back in the day and even filled out an application for season 3. I'm so glad nothing came of that. Well, nothing other than an interview for a local paper somewhere after I replied to a reporter's Usenet post. Haha, the house is so ugly and so are all the clothes. The '90s were really cruel.

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What are your tattoo plans? Or are you going to wait and surprise us with the photos?

I really want more, it has been TOO LONG. One of my Archie co-workers is also a part time tattoo artist in Montlake Terrace, I had promised to let him do my Ella tattoo before I went and moved to Oregon. One of these days I might make a trip up there just for that.

On the left arm that has the pagoda and the tree, I told him we should fill in the sky and maybe have something like the moon or a peacock in flight or something, and perhaps skyscrapers going up on the under side of my arm that's not as visible.

Giant squid to take up the rest of my left arm with its body on the opposite side of the seahorse.

Ahhhh, that will be cool!

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