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I've got a message in to my sleep specialist because the CPAP has been a bit of an overachiever the last few nights. Several times a night, the pressure goes way up, I don't breathe enough to keep up, it gets loud, and it wakes me up. Then I can't get back to sleep unless I turn it off and start over. That happened four or five times last night and I finally gave about an hour before my normal 4am alarm. Quit being so aggressive, CPAP! There's not a setting I can change myself, either. The pressure is automatic to the level that the doctor chooses; I can control hose temperature and humidity. I got an early start to my day, and an early start to my walk.

A friend I haven't walked with yet asked if she could join sometime, and we eventually worked out that I'd show her how to get to Pigeon Creek Beach, which she's never been to. I've only been there once, and figured it would be cool to finally go back. The parking is almost a mile from the beach itself, which is inconvenient if you just want to go to the beach, but not quite far enough if you want to do a long walk. I plotted the course from the neighborhood park, and it was a nice length for what I'd like, but a bit far for a walk with someone whose endurance I haven't seen yet. So I picked a waterfront restaurant for us to meet at, from which the trip out and back would be about 4.5 miles. There's always the option to add more on the waterfront, if desired.

I'm glad I have a new policy of always bringing my mp3 player even if I'm meeting someone in case they cancel, because she canceled due to lack of sleep. Guess it's going around. I briefly thought about driving over to Japanese Gulch instead, but figured I may as well just do the walk I set out to do. I was surprised to see as many people as I did who were sleeping on the sidewalk, and it was the second time I got to the beach and found someone sleeping there. Nothing happened, but it was a bit creepy, especially when I came down a ramp and would have had to step over a couple of guys if there wasn't an option to double back and use the stairs instead. The port was visually interesting, as always.


Between there and the marina, I got three more selfies for the contest.


The tide has actually been in the news lately, because low tides and the hot weather we're having have been creating a foul stench that's blanketing the entire North end of town. It wasn't even that warm this morning, but I could sure smell it.


The beach is divided by several streams of water where the creek empties into the bay. People have set up these rocks to walk across, but the moss makes them look pretty slippery.


I made my way back to the parking lot and wanted more mileage, so I did a loop at Boxcar Park, where I met these two brave gulls. One of the Everett Snapchat video filters has seagulls, so they got to star in a video with that.


I was surprised this came out as nice as it did, since it was so bright I couldn't even see my screen.


Then I shared it on Snapchat, which shows horizontal photos vertically, and like it even better turned 90 degrees.


Today's awesome walk, 6.94 miles in 2:28, 15,753 steps, 291ft gain
6.94 miles in 2:28, 15,753 steps, 291ft gain

I could really use a nap, but I've got a conference call this afternoon. Maybe after that.

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