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Just like old times
It didn't make much sense to swim today, because we're hitting the road tomorrow and today's the last workout of the week. So I went to the beach and tank farm on the day I used to do it before the swim team started hogging up the pool on Thursdays. The sky was mostly cloudless, so the views were subtle, and the sun came hard and fast.


The heron (if it's the same one) was shy as ever. I got this photo, but when I tried to switch to video and walk by, he squawked and flew away.


I love when the water is as colorful as the sky.


I've seen a lot of stuff on the beach, but by far the weirdest thing I've found was a boat, today. I don't know if it will even float when the tide rolls in, it's pretty trashed.


The last bit of shade.


Today's awesome walk, 6.18 miles in 2:12, 14,050 steps, 293ft gain
6.18 miles in 2:12, 14,050 steps, 293ft gain

I got tired of the heat and headed up to the main road through the woods. That was really lovely. And I saw that they've started remediating the hillside they cleared for the water main project.


Further Snapchat research indicates I was wrong about exports. I thought for sure it wouldn't export any story with more than 20 snaps in it, but today I had 21 and it worked, so the error message about not working with more than 20 videos was correct after all. Strangely, some emojis I added on the passing train you'll see in the video didn't make it into the export.

Funnily enough, I happened to be getting ready to watch a movie on the YouTube app on our Blu-Ray player a bit ago and my library popped up, so I watched that video on my TV. It's weird to here one's voice loud on the sound system speakers, but I'll say it sounds better than it does coming from my phone.

Today's the first time I used the Roomba again since the poop incident. As you see at the end of that video, I kept Sam downstairs with me just to be safe. Everything looked and smelled fine when I came back upstairs, but I couldn't find Rhonda! Turns out she managed to get all the way to the far end behind the couch, then wedge herself in.


Check out how well these green onions are regrowing!


I was worried that I wouldn't be able to enjoy them because I've been changing the glass and water every couple of days so they don't get slimy, and we're heading out for a few days. oven mentioned in the comments of this photo on Facebook that once hers get slimy, she moves them to soil, and now has a whole planter full of green onions. Turns out one of the slots in my indoor herb garden was empty, so I moved these over. Hope they enjoy it.

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Sunrise :)

I never see the sunset due to the huge hill I live on.

Of course! I was so surprised that it was so tender for a sunset, those are usually more intense.

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