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The wait is over

The closest beach to our house, Howarth Park, has been closed since last May. A routine inspection of the bridge that leads over the railroad tracks to it revealed some structural issues, so they closed it. Once they determined the scope of the work, it took forever to get the permits in order, and scheduling the work was complex due to the trains. But they finally did it, and announced yesterday that it was open again. I was already going to Edgewater Beach today, so I figured I'd pop by on my way home.

Since I knew I'd end up at Howarth Park, I decided to skip Mukilteo Beach this morning. It was raining, too, and I wasn't sure what the gravel there would be like when it was wet. On the way to the train station to get to Edgewater, I really liked the plaid pattern formed by the shadows and light with this fence.


I've always loved these trees but of course am constantly wondering if one will fall and block the road and the tracks.


The boat I found the other day is still there. The tide was very high, but still not high enough to make it float.


Walking in the rain was nice, but it meant there wasn't much to see. This was the only bit of sky I could see beyond the cloud cover while I was down there.


Today's awesome walk, 4.47 miles in 1:30, 9,865 steps, 157ft gain
4.47 miles in 1:30, 9,865 steps, 157ft gain

Knowing it's a bit of a hike to get from the parking to the beach over at Howarth Park, I cut the main walk a little short. It was disappointing to see the gate to the lower parking area was still closed when I got over there, but only three of the six spaces in the small upper lot were taken, so I got one and headed down. It'd been a while since I saw this particular view.


It was so awesome to get there and see the gate to the bridge open. It's been locked and reinforced with a big wooden wall all this time.


The beach is a little different now, too. There used to be a wall separating an upper and lower part, which they've taken down. You can still see where it was, but eventually it'll wear down to make a continuous hill. I didn't grab a photo of that. I could also swear this beach is way sandier than it used to be, as I was sinking a lot and didn't see as many rocks as I remember, but maybe that's mainly because I always used to time my visits with low tide.


And now I'm curious to know if it's possible to walk all the way to Pigeon Creek Beach when the tide's low. It sure looks like it from this spot.


That little trip to that beach gave me almost another mile and was a half hour, so my totals today weren't too shabby. I'm looking forward to going back. And I noticed that the property where the Lion House that's available to buy and move still sits that construction has finally started on the new home there.



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