christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Bed update

The mattress I wanted is no longer available on the manufacturer's website, and the Portland-area chain that has some wouldn't let me place an order once I entered my zip code. They deliver, but don't ship. So I called the manufacturer to see if they still have any left, and if not, what their new mattress that's most like it is. Dude said he would call me back. That was on Monday, and on Thursday I gave up, figuring shipping would be a lot, and I'd still have to get rid of my old one myself.

I went to Mattress Depot USA (toot toot!) on Thursday with a printout of the description of that mattress and asked for help finding one that would be similar. I found one I liked a lot, but unfortunately couldn't get same-day delivery because I sleep on a full and they don't keep that size in the showroom. It'll be here on Thursday between noon and 2pm. I walked out with the mattress cover that extends the "turns out I don't like this and want to try something else" guarantee from 30 days to 120, plus a really awesome cool touch pillow designed for side sleepers. It was a 2-for-1 sale on those, so Garrett gets one, too. These last few nights on the old one are pretty unpleasant, but at least there aren't that many.

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