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Island time is not normally fast-paced

Earlier this week, my friend Lisa asked if she could come to Spencer Island with me sometime. I said I go just about every Sunday and to meet me there this morning at 5:30. Turns out that could have been a little later as I forgot to adjust for the later sunrise. It was still neat, we just did the paved loop first and then the island so we'd be able to see more stuff over there. It was a gorgeous morning, but since I had company, I didn't use the camera much. There was another car parked next to hers, and we noticed on the way back in that its windows were halfway down, so I figured someone was sleeping in it. If so, I can't understand why they chose the spot right by the wastewater treatment plant. It's really stinky right there and there are plenty of other places around there to snooze. I'd at least consider closing the windows if it was me.

There wasn't any fog at all that I noticed on my drive in, but as soon as I crossed the bridge, fwoomp. Fog everywhere. Totally cool.

I might not have even spotted this industrious little guy if Lisa hadn't pointed him out.


I also didn't notice that two of the tables had impromptu vases on them, she pointed that out as well.


I love when there are tons of birds.

We got pretty wet in this area. Lucky for her, those pant legs zip off and she could ditch them when we were done walking.

Today's awesome walk, 6 miles in 1:54, 12,770 steps
6 miles in 1:54, 12,770 steps

I almost never get above three miles an hour, but we kept up the pace really well and only stopped to look at stuff a few times, so we came in under two hours for six miles exactly! It should have been a longer route, but they've closed off the Northermost part to do some work. That was a bummer, but I got another entry for the contest, which ends after this weekend.


Today was the first video I've converted from the dashcam in a while. I liked the fog.

Later on, we had a lovely afternoon with Bev and Dennis. She pulled a ton of little carrots from her garden for us.

What's up, doc?

Garrett made some amazing bacon cheeseburgers on the grill, which were even better with Bev's microwave pickles, which is a way to make them that I've never heard of.


Poor Bella was stuck inside, as usual.


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